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Tiny!Lady Morgana
08 July 2011 @ 10:59 pm
 Morgana is about to do something that will be the talk of the palace for the next few weeks.  To her, it's nothing special.  She was always allowed to interrupt her father for something important, and Morgana's judgment on what constitutes important is rather accurate.

For instance, she interrupted her father when a boy from the village had fallen from one of the cliffs, and a search party was needed. On the other hand, she left her father alone when she managed to catch her first rabbit.  She only told him that she'd been able to provide supper at supper.

Because of her decent record, Morgana doesn't stop when she walks -- barefoot and still wet from the stream -- past the guard to see Uther.  The guard is so shocked by the ward's sudden appearance (and current state of disarray) that he doesn't even think of stopping her.  Then again, the last guard who laid a hand on her when she was removed from the Prince's chambers, has found himself with the worst of all duties since.
The guards are a lot like Uther; they don't quite know how to deal with a little determined lady.
Morgana starts without preamble.  "The guards left us. We were at the stream and they left.  We didn't run or anything.  They just left.  We had to walk back here on our own."
It should be noted Morgana's walked straight into the council chambers, while the council is in session.
Tiny!Lady Morgana
 Morgana's in a truly foul mood.  She's heading back to where she tied her mount, seriously considering finding out if she'll have a better chance of outrunning everything of Uther's if she takes the horse.  She also wonders if it would be considered stealing the horse, when she's the only one who rides the mare.

She is also trying very hard not to cry.  She's so angry at "Merlin" that the tears might be upset, or might be frustration.  The frustration also means she's not paying attention to anything around her, which is not typically Morgana. 
As she walks along, she grabs a random stick off the ground, hitting the trees as she walks by, in a fine temper indeed.
Tiny!Lady Morgana
Morgana's sure she's heard something in her home.  It's not something she would wake her father, or nurse Mairi up for, but something Morgana would like to investigate for herself. 

She could swear she's heard other children.  There was a boy in that cave she's not supposed to go into without her father or Mairi.  She saw him, seconds before her father threw her into the sea. 

Lighting a candle, once everyone's in bed, Morgana gets up and makes her way through the various corridors.  It's during this time in her life she's learned to sneak quietly, as she used to sleepwalk as a very young child, so her father and nurse were always light sleepers in case she took another nocturnal perambulation.  The difference here is, she's purposefully being careful, and has no intention of leaving the castle -- something she managed twice during those times.

It is in the unused part of the servants' quarters she sees a flicker of candle light, just one candle.  They don't keep a large staff -- nothing like at the citadel, as it is only her father and herself.  It's a rather quiet life, and not that many servants are necessary.  Tintagel isn't a place many people visit, though the King has been here twice.  She stays out of sight at the request of her father when that happened.

Pushing open the door to the room, she sees two little boys in bed.  There's a large taper that is giving off light.  It's in the centre of the the table.  It's far enough away from anything that it's safe to leave lit but her father wouldn't have permitted it.  So she blows out the taper, leaving only the candle she carries as the sole light source.

In the bed is the little boy she saw earlier.  He's very little, and he's not one from the village.  Sometimes, when a child in the nearby village has been injured, her father will let them stay here, so that's her first thought.  Yet, the boy looks healthy -- perfectly healthy.  The older one doesn't look to be anything but healthy either.

So there is only one thing to do.  She shakes the boy's shoulder -- the one she saw earlier.

"What are you doing here?"  Morgana's not mean, but she is very curious.
Tiny!Lady Morgana
24 May 2011 @ 11:23 pm
[Followed from here.]

"Come on Merlin, it's time to go."  Morgana stands up and stretches, kicking some dirt over the now dwindling fire.  She's still very tired, and rather suspicious of someone either following or finding them, so as it is first light, she wants to leave as quickly as possible.

She's also nervous as there is no way her absence will not have been noted.  Still, there are some practicalities to think of, "are you hungry?  You didn't eat very much last night."  As she talks she doesn't look at him, instead tidying up their makeshift campsite, to hopefully cover their tracks.

"We should make it to Tintagel by the end of the day if we hurry."  Despite her nerves, and her tiredness, there's an evident excitement at the idea.
Tiny!Lady Morgana
26 January 2011 @ 01:56 pm
It's Morgana's second attempt at trying to escape the palace.  She told the maid assigned to her that she was going to visit Arthur's chambers, told the guard who stopped her that she was heading to the stable to visit her horse, and told the groom who went to saddle her horse, that she'd forgotten something back inside the palace.

It is a loop that she figured would take everyone a while to figure out, and she'd noticed that servants with vastly different duties rarely communicated.  Morgana hopes she'll be back long before anything is figured out.

It's a festival in the lower town today -- a winter festival and she's been very limited in things to do since she became ill before Yule, and it lingered on into the new year.  She's only had one trip to Sir Ector's, and that is not enough for a girl who is used to having free run of her father's estate.

So, the Winter Festival it is.  She could hear it from her window for the past two days and today is the last day.  She's not going to miss the celebration.

Wearing her plainest cloak, to hopefully blend in, and planning on keeping the hood up, she wanders around the stalls.  No one looks sideways at one little girl wandering through the market.  She buys herself a hot treat, and watches some juggler who is tossing a ball of ice and alternating it with a lit torch.

Morgana is certain that this time, amongst the fray, she will not be caught.
Current Location: lower town
Tiny!Lady Morgana
To say that Morgana's first weeks in Camelot were stressful, upsetting, and confusing, would be an understatement.  She is used to freedom, to affection, and very, very few rules.  As long as she stayed on her father's estate, did not purposefully go anywhere perilous (the river that ran through the estate had rapids, and her father was always afraid she would drown), and attended her lessons, Morgana's free time was hers to do with as she pleased.

In short, she finds Camelot very restrictive.  She has a maid to help her dress in the morning, as if she is incapable of doing it herself.  She can feel the eyes of guards (though she has little respect for their ability to actually keep an eye on her) when she is wandering outside.  It's this constant supervision, not understanding that as the ward it puts her in harm's way almost as much as Prince Arthur, that she finds stifling.  In the space of a little under two months, she's lost her father, her home, her nurse, most of her possessions, and her freedom.  She arrived in Camelot with her horse, some of her clothes (the King insisted that he could provide new ones, so all she was allowed to bring enough until the new ones are ready), a few trinkets from her room, and the sword her father had given her for her ninth birthday.  That is a lot to lose for anyone, never mind a 10 year old girl who now finds herself with only her title to her name.  The estate had been absorbed into the crown's coffers, though she will not know what that means for several years.

Thus, if anyone in the palace had consistent parenting skills, they could have predicted that the very first opportunity Morgana has to slip away, she would.  Having learnt of both the secret passageway out to the river, and where to find the girl, Gwen, Morgana's recently squelched independence is making a fierce counteroffensive. 

She is dressed in her warmest dress -- one she brought from home, not one that has recently appeared in her wardrobe (they are too fancy to play in, why can no one see that?) -- and her fur cloak.  On her hands are rough cloth mittens (also from home -- a farmer's wife made them for her when Morgana paid a visit to the woman's daughter, who had been laid up with a broken leg and unable to play for several weeks) and she carries a little bit of food in a pouch tied around her waist.

The snow in Camelot has been heavy this winter, but she thinks she can make the journey in a little over an hour, but, before she realizes it, several have passed, as she's been getting stuck in snow well above her knees.  Still, she's not lost, as she's following the river, but when she takes a step, she does not realize it's into a snowdrift built up against the steep edge running along the bank of the river.  One second she's following the river, and the next, she's scrabbling backwards, trying to keep her feet away from the thin ice and the open water.
Tiny!Lady Morgana
04 December 2010 @ 08:39 am
The morning after Morgana's arrival at the royal chambers, her maidservant presented her with a note from the king asking if there was anything he could provide for her. There was also a request to join him and his son for dinner that evening.

Morgana's response is quick and terse, and a bit surprising to the maidservant, who was unaware gentlemen of distinction taught their daughters how to read and write.

I do not want to be here. I want to go home.